I believe that health and fitness should be a top priority in everyone's life, no matter the lifestyle! We are given ONE physical being, and it deserves to be well maintained. I dropped all my excuses and started my fitness journey in January, and I can tell you the results in this time have been worth every once of hard work I have put in. I was an active dancer until 2010 when I had a low back injury at work. So when I started my journey, FORM was my number one focus aside from self motivation. I had restless nights, no energy, and horrible eating habits!

My personal fitness has made me love myself again and I am more than grateful for the opportunity to help others do the same!

I'm a believer, and I believe we all have so much power hidden inside ourselves that we have left to discover. We all have to start somewhere. Fitness has been my biggest step in the right direction!

No one deserves the positivity and confidence more than you do!


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